Kiosk Gifts Flex

Product Overview

Kiosk Gifts Flex is the flagship kiosk solution for in-store printing. Serve multiple customers even while producing previous print jobs and have the ability to connect multiple printers to offer multiple print sizes.

Kiosk Gifts Flex supports the Smart Photo Prints app for fast image transfer, as well as the Mitsubishi-Exclusive Magic Foto service to print and share your video memories by printing a single frame from your video clip and then uploading the clip to a secure server that can then be played back by the printed image and your smartphone through the Magic Foto app.

Apple Photo Printing Software  Download Magic Foto App from iTunes

Android Photo Printing Software  Download Magic Foto App from the Play Store

  • Self-Service kiosk.
  • Multi-Touch HD display.
  • Cable connection supporting all modern smartphones.
  • Multiple print sizes including 2×6”, 4×4”, 4×6”, 5×7”, 6×6”, 6×8”, 6×12”*, 8×10”*, 8×12”* (supported with K60 and *W5000DW printers connected).
  • Supports up to 4 printers.
  • Offers Prints, Calendars, Easy Albums, Easy Books*, Collages, Double-Sided prints*, Biometric Photo ID, Greeting Cards, CD/DVD.
  • Burning and Kiosk Gifts Orders (*with W5000DW printer connected).
  • Remote support via internet connectivity.
  • Password controlled print job release.
  • Statistics.



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